TitanGSE is in business to make you happy! The only business we do is YOUR business and we love working for you. We are your top-choice organisation for amazing, customer-centric Customer Care; easy and stress-free ordering and Purchase; fast, efficient shipping; unbelievably low prices and; premium, unique, high-quality products.


When you allow TitanGSE take care of your needs, these are what you enjoy:

  •  One contact point for MRO inventory – this makes communication and follow up easier, faster and much more productive. As part of our customer care offering, we assign you one contact point to ensure that all your Maintenance, Repairs  and Operation needs are met in a timely, orderly manner and to ensure that none of your needs is lost in a complicated communication processes
  • The best you can ever get- we offer best value for your money by giving you high quality products and services based on industry-regulated standards
  • Quality Assurance on all products supplied – we ensure that all products undergo THOROUGH physical and technical inspection before shipping. We also inspect for accuracy to ensure that you get EXACTLY what you order.
  • Standard export packaging for every product – All products are packed according to standard export packaging regulations to ensure safety throughout the travelling distance – whether short or long.
  • The power to buy more! Our low prices give you cost-effective solutions, wider selection advantage and offer you greater purchasing power
  • Freight Forwarding – Beyond selling, our organization also offers freight forwarding service; we ensure that your products are kept in great condition while in storage, provide shipping services to any part of the world and provide tracking services where applicable to ensure that your products are kept in safe hands from the moment they leave our store to the moment they reach your door.
  • Consolidated Orders – our freight forwarding services allow you to enjoy consolidated orders and shipments. We combine your individual consignments into one cargo. Through this, you not only enjoy greater security on all your shipment, but also attract REDUCED shipping costs.
  • Faster, accelerated shipping time– we know how quickly your order needs to get to you. We ensure that our delivery periods are short, timely and efficient. We NEVER joke with our delivery deadlines and we ship as soon as payments are inspections are fully sorted


How important are YOU?

As our customer, YOU are the ‘centre’ of our business. We cannot afford to give anything short of our best. ; that is why we go the extra mile to know your needs, scour the market for the best and meet your demands from the moment you get in touch to the moment you express satisfaction at the product we deliver to you. We value your relationship, we are committed to your success, and your satisfaction is our pride. We value your trust, dependability and faith in us and when we work with you, you can be sure that all our attention is focused on YOU and… YOU ALONE!

Titan GSE – Office: 260-623-0748