Wheel & Brake Service Cart


Titan GSE offer a range of Wheel & Brake Service Carts from a simple open top three wheel unit which can transport 2 main landing wheels and axle jack, through to a totally enclosed cart incorporating on board nitrogen tyre charging system.

The totally enclosed Wheel & Brake Change Cart is designed for road/highway use as well as airport apron and perimeter service roads. This new concept cart offers the complete service facility for wheel and brake change requirements and is capable of housing two main landing gear wheels, trolley jack and wheel brake dolly with on board nitrogen (low pressure) charging facilities.  Optional high pressure available.

The unique design allows ease of loading and unloading via the lightweight assisted folding ramps that offer the ideal gradient to load and unload heavy, wide body landing wheels.

The road going chassis is constructed from box section with a channel ‘A’ frame and ball or pin hitch. The body section is constructed from box section, with steel clad lower section and GRP upper section complete with GRP translucent roof with tapered front section to maximise space and reduce drag.


Options Available: 

Wheel and brake service cart


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