Aircraft Water Sterilisation Rig


The Titan GSE Aircraft Water Sterilisation Rig facilitates the mixing and introduction of ‘Elsil’ (water purification chemical) solution into aircraft potable tanks and pipework.

The system comprises two water powered dosing pumps, each capable of handling between 10 l/h and3m³ l/h of water at dosing rates of between 0.03% and 0.15%, flow meters, flow control valves, pump isolation valves and a pressure relief valve.

To assist in the ease of use, the sterilisation and drinking water uplift systems have been colour coded; red for sterilisation and blue for drinking water uplift. The system comes pre-calibrated for immediate use.


The pumps for both sterilisation and water uplift are pre-set at factory and require no operator adjustment.

The dosing pump for sterilisation is set at the following measures:

0.15% – 1.5ml per litre – 150ml per 100 litres – 1.5 litres per 1000 litres

The dosing pump for water uplift is set at the following measures:

0.03% – 0.3ml per litre – 300ml per 1000 litres – 3 parts in 10,000 litres



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