TUG Ground Powered Unit 400/60


TUG Ground Powered Unit 400/60 Features:

The TUG Ground Powered Unit 400/60 aircraft ground power unit is a diesel-powered generator that provides regulated 60 kVA, 400 Hz, 115/200 VAC, 3-phase power to aircraft. Simplicity, ease of service and maintenance, durability and performance were the primary design objectives. With the 28.5 VDC rectifier option, the unit can also provide power to aircraft requiring 28 VDC at 600 A continuous and 2000 A peak.


Standard Features:
• Mounted on 4-wheel trailer constructed of 2” X 4” rectangular steel tubing with all cross members and motor mounts welded to the frame
• Front axle has heavy duty 5th wheel type steering with when brake locked when tow bar is latched in up position
• Steel enclosure with updraft.


Optional Features:

• Beacon for low fuel
• Additional power cable
• Extra length power cable
• Convenience receptacle 60 hz 15A
• Safety beacon


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