Start Switch & Protection Module


Start Switch & Protection Module Features:

  • High Reliability Electronic Start Switch and Engine/Starter Protection Module
  • Replaces failure prone mechanical switch typically used on GSE vehicles and equipment
  • Replaces low fuel & engine monitoring & protection system used on some vehicles
  • Works on Diesel and Gasoline engine vehicles and equipment, in all weather conditions
  • Compatible with all typical GSE vehicles and equipment including baggage tugs, belt loaders and pushback tractors.
  • 12 and 24VDC versions available
  • High Reliability Electronic Push Button Switch and Control Module electronics are fully potted in aluminum enclosures for maximum longevity and corrosion prevention.


Start Switch & Protection Module Operators:

  • Single high-reliability electronic switch is used to control vehicle cycling through ON/START/RUN/STOP modes
  • Solid green indicator light – System working normally
  • Solid red daylight visible indicator light – Low fuel condition
  • Flashing red and green LED lights indicates serious problem with engine – Automatic shut down will occur momentarily
  • Custom Programming Available


Start Switch & Protection Module Protection:

  • System protects against expensive engine repair or replacement
  • Module extends starter life by auto-detect of engine start, and by limiting starter run time
  • Protects against electrical faults by shutting off outputs that draw excessive current
  • All outputs are protected against shorts




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