Scorpion Aircraft Tug

  • Tow aircraft up to 15,000 pounds gross weight
  • Lift arm capacity 1,000 pounds, lift up to 2 feet high
  • Quickly converts from tug to crane
  • Self-propelled available for maximum mobility and versatility
  • Drive throttle controls offer ultra-smooth acceleration control for speeds as slow as 1 fpm up to 4 mph
  • Drive system features “dead man” controls, automatic braking, and the drive handle pivots 90° for zero turning radius
  • Includes folding rider plate for use as walkie or stand-up rider
  • Includes headlights for improved visibility and amber operation light
  • Clean-air battery powered for quiet, smooth operation
Scorpion Aircraft Tug Features: 
  • Crane attachment battery powered with remote
  • Crane stowed on-board for easy accessibility
  • Pivoting tow bar for use with various hitches
  • Lift arm raises wheel hydraulically
  • On-board fire extinguisher
  • Utility winch for pulling or towing applications
  • Built-in APU
  • Headlights offer improved visibility
  • Control panel with gauge, light control, and op light
  • Control handle with throttle thumb wheels for smooth speed control
  • Stand-up rider plate
  • Rider plate stowed


Scorpion Aircraft Tug Specifications:

Model #
Towing capacity
15,000 pounds
Lift arm capacity
1,000 pounds
Overall size
96″ long x 48″ wide x 42″ high
24V DC w/ 12V accessory plug
Shipping weight
2,500 pounds



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