Portable Folding Step Ladders


Portable Folding Step Ladders


Portable Folding Step Ladders Features:

Available in either carbon steel or stainless steel. The steps are perforated to provide a non-slip surface. The ladders have 7″ deep steps and a climb angle of 58°. Complies with ANSI 14.7 and OSHA 1910.29 specifications.


Portable Folding Step Ladders
Model Number Number of Steps Top Step Height Capacity (lbs) Construction Net Weight (lbs.)
FLAD-2 2 20″ 350 Carbon Steel 31
FLAD-3 3 30″ 350 Carbon Steel 39
FLAD-4 4 40″ 350 Carbon Steel 47
FLAD-2-SS 2 20″ 350 Stainless Steel 31
FLAD-3-SS 3 30″ 350 Stainless Steel 39
FLAD-4-SS 4 40″ 350 Stainless Steel 47


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