MA TUG Tow Tractor

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MA TUG Tow Tractor

MA TUG Tow Tractor Features:

The MA TUG Tow Tractor is a time-tested, field proven tow tractor with 3,000 to 6,000 pounds (1,362 to 2,722 kg) drawbar pull to handle all of your cargo and baggage towing requirements and to provide pushback for private and regional aircraft with a MTOW up to 60,000 pounds (27,220 kg).

An enclosed cabin and other options are available. Other features include solid-state ignition, engine emission control, automatic transmission and disc brakes on the rear wheels operated via a dual caliper system. Simple, rugged and easy access to all components assure long life on even the most demanding ramps.


MA TUG Tow Tractor Engine Options:

  • Ford DSG-425 EFI Gasoline
  • Deutz D2011L04 Diesel (Export Only)
  • Deutz D2.9L Diesel
  • Perkins 1104C-44 Diesel


MA TUG Tow Tractor Specifications:

Length: 103″ (2616.2 mm)
Width: 55.0″ (1397.0 mm)
Height: 61″ (1549.4 mm)
Weight: See Brochure
Wheelbase: 59″ (1498.6 mm)
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