HeliFueler Rotary Wing Fuel Cart

The HeliFueler is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of maintaining helicopter fuel systems. Please Call (260)623-0748


HeliFueler Rotary Wing Fuel Cart

HeliFueler Rotary Wing Fuel Cart Specifications:

The HeliFueler is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of maintaining helicopter fuel systems. With the HeliFueler, maintenance crews can take control of the defueling process, draining and sumping aircraft without time-consuming gravity draining, or waiting for a HEMTT to do what you could have finished hours ago.

The fastest helicopter defueler/sumping system on the market:The HeliFueler is equipped to defuel and sump all major US Army helicopters, without slow and messy buckets. The system’s hose couples direct to the fuel tank sump drain, drawing fuel out at up to 15 gallons per minute. Compare this to less than 2 gallons per minute with the pail method. The HeliFueler connects without additional tools. For fuel tanks that employ “over the wing” systems, the HeliFueler is equipped with rigid and flex defueling wands.

Safe operation and environmental cleanliness is paramount: The HeliFueler’s sump fittings engage the aircraft drains cleanly, without spilling a drop of fuel, eliminating personnel exposure. Draining cleanly means HeliFueler is environmentally friendly.

The HeliFueler is the Fastest, Safest and Cleanest helicopter defuel solution available.

Dual stage, Aviation-Grade fuel filters: Dual stage fuel filtration allows reuse of fuel in aircraft, vehicles, or in AGSE. The HeliFueler filter system employs a Coalescer particulate/water separator first stage, and a Monitor fuel dryer second stage. Fuel can be dispensed directly back into aircraft, vehicles, or into AGSE via the onboard refueling nozzle. The HeliFueler is equipped with pre and post filter fuel sample ports for fuel quality monitoring.

Multi-mode operation: The HeliFueler operates via onboard Optima deep-cycle batteries, or in shop via the worldwide charger/power supply.

Loaded with thoughtful features: Aviation Grade dual-stage filtration All LED lighting Fuel meter Retractable hose reel Full length stainless hose guides Reel mounted bonding clamps Pre and post filter sample ports Lockable manway and fill port Bottom drain / sample port PPE equipment stowage Fuel log stowage Heavy-duty tie downs Non-slip side step Double-walled, stainless

Put the HeliFueler Rotary Wing Fuel Cart to work in your unit today and get on with the business of flying helicopters!

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