HandiFueler GSE Fuel Service Cart

The HandiFueler GSE Service Cart from Titan GSE is engineered to be an efficient and safe solution. Please Call (260)623-0748


HandiFueler GSE Fuel Service Cart


HandiFueler GSE Fuel Service Cart Specifications:


The HandiFueler GSE Service Cart from Titan GSE is engineered to be an efficient and safe solution to the challenges of servicing Ground Support Equipment. With the HandiFueler, a single daily trip is all that is necessary to service fuel, fluids, and tires.
All routine servicing requirements at the operator’s fingertips: TheHandiFueler GSE Fuel Service Cart is equipped to handle all daily servicing of fuel, fluids, and tires. The open design of the pump platform provides easy access to all controls and safety equipment.

 Multi-mode operation, standard: The HandiFueler’s aviation-grade fuel pump operates from three sources:

  • The tow vehicle
  • The on-board low maintenance batteries
  • The charger/power supply
The HandiFueler GSE Fuel Service Cart also offers a full defuel capability: Rigid or flex defuel wands replace the refuel nozzle to fit most fuel tank filler necks. Configuring is as simple as turning a valve. Removed fuel is filtered before going back into the tank.

The HandiFueler AGE/GSE Fuel Service Cart is loaded with thoughtful features:

  • 400 or 600 gallon sizes
  • 15 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Aviation grade coalescer filtration
  • All LED lighting
  • Fuel meter
  • Retractable fuel hose reel
  • Full length stainless hose guides
  • Reel mounted bonding clamp
  • Bottom drain / sample port
  • Lockable manway and fill port
  • PPE equipment stowage
  • Fork-lift pockets, both sides
  • Handy fuel log stowage
  • Heavy-duty mobility tie downs
  • Non-slip side step


  • Heavy-duty tow bar with thicker lunette ring
  • Improved aviation-grade fuel pump and meter


Titan GSE is YOUR total ground support equipment provider. We can customize any ground support equipment to suit your specifications. Titan GSE , Office: 260-623-0748 – Toll Free: 888-607-7807


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