GSE Tires


GSE Tires:

  • PBB – Solid Tire
  • Molded with AC tread design for improved traction and performance in snow/ice and rain
  • No more PBB flat tire changes
  • No need for nitrogen servicing
  • Eliminates the dangers and maintenance safety hazards associated with PBB pneumatic tire changes
  • Mounted on your existing PBB 14” aluminum rims
  • OEM factory tested and approved for a 10 year + life
  • Competitive pricing


GSE Tires Types:

  • Belt Loader tires
  • Pushback tires
  • Bag Tractor & Cart tires
  • Ground power unit tires
  • Lavatory Service Vehicle tires
  • Solid Passenger Boarding Bridge tires
  • Commander 15 & 30 castors



Titan GSE is YOUR total ground support equipment provider. We can customize any ground support equipment to suit your specifications.