FSCE 270-2 Fuel GSE Service Cart

Our FSCE 270-2 Fuel GSE Service Cart offers 20 LB Purple K fire extinguisher. Please Call (260)623-0748


FSCE 270-2 Fuel GSE Service Cart


FSCE 270-2 Fuel GSE Service Cart Specifications:

Titan GSE’s, FSCE270-2 is a fuel servicing cart with (2) 270 gallon-double wall construction tanks. Both tanks have separate pumps, meters, filters and emergency venting and fill ports. The double wall construction eliminates the need for a containment berm. The cart utilizes a fifth wheel steering system and is constructed using heavy wall structural steel. The tanks are mounted on (4) shock isolators.

All applicable placarding for the specified fluid types are provided. The transfer pump is powered by a connection from the towing vehicle. The pump is U.L. labeled is explosion-proof safety features include rollover protection, Heavy wall side protection,  Purple K fire extinguisher and a grounding reel. 


  • 3x2x 3/16 Wall structural tubing
  • 5200 LB Axles
  • Fifth wheel steering
  • Locking front brake
  • Shock isolating mounts
  • 4.00 x 8 Soft ride tires


  • (2) 270 gallon capacity
  • 12 Gauge double wall construction
  • Level gauge
  • Containment tank leak gauge
  • Baffles
  • (1) 4“ Emergency vent
  • (1) Standard vent
  • (1) 2“ Self closing Fill cap
  • Electric Fuel Transfer Pump – 12V DC Explosion proof
  • Resettable meter
  • Fuel filter
  • Hose with positive closing squeeze nozzle
  • Roll over protection


  • Grounding cable reel with 75’ and Y branch
  • 20 LB Purple K fire extinguisher
  • Placarding per fluid type
  • Electric pump wired to meet NEMA 4
  • Weatherproof electrical plug for fuel pump power from towing vehicle


  • Length 198.00“
  • Width 52.00“
  • Height 76.00“
  • Weight 4500 lbs


Titan GSE is YOUR total ground support equipment provider. We can customize any ground support equipment to suit your specifications. Titan GSE , Office: 260-623-0748 – Toll Free: 888-607-7807


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