Cylinder Trolley (Demountable)

The demountable trolley is designed to carry 2 ‘J’ Type (or similar size cylinders) mounted on a cylinder cradle, which simplifies loading, and unloading of cylinders and eliminates manual handling issues.

A welded frame chassis made from square section steel tube with Skydrol resiliant paint, supported by four road wheels mounted on independent suspension units and is provided with reflectors to the rear and sides of the chassis. Steering is via the front wheels mounted on a sealed turntable.

The two cylinder cradles are attached to the chassis which pivot to provide ease of controlled loading and unloading of cylinders in line with manual handling requirements. The cylinders have a double safety locking system: a) cylinder to cradle, b) cylinder and cradle to trolley with a ‘T’ bottle clamp for transportation. A reel, housing an earthing cable, can be mounted at the side of the control panel.

A simple to operate Oxygen or Nitrogen panel is mounted in the waist height cabinet which contains: stop valves, pressure gauges and regulators to control the gas flow. The output side of the regulator(s) are each connected to hose reel(s) mounted on the chassis. High and low pressure Nitrogen or high pressure Oxygen hoses stowed on retractable hose reel(s).


Options Available:

– Nitrogen demountable trolley (2 cylinders)

– Nitrogen demountable trolley with booster (2 cylinders)

– Oxygen demountable trolley (2 cylinders)

– Oxygen demountable trolley with booster (2 cylinders)


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