Container Dolly Over Cross Bed TGSE-01602

Container Dolly Over Cross Bed TGSE-01602 Features:

  • Cargo capacity: 1600 Kgs (3536 Lbs)
  • ULDS to handle: LD1/ LD3, LD2 container.
  • 25 km/h towing speed.
  • Front wheel ackerman steering
  • Heavy duty frame with high quality steel and flux core MIG welding
  • Brake works when tow bar at upright position.
  • Container can move from one dolly to another through over cross bed.
  • 360 degree rotation turntable
  • infills between rollers ensure operator’s safety
  • Easy maintenance jobs.
  • Hot dip galvanizing


  • Overall dimensions: 3292 mm X 1860 mm X 558 mm
  • Working flat dimensions: 191O mmX 1860 mm X 51 0mm
  • Self weight: 820 kgs
  • Roller deck height: 508 – 515 mm
  • Tires:15 x 4.5 – 8 solid rubber
  • Tow hitch: Pin lock safety hitch
  • Roller: Heavy duty 76 mm dia roller with sealed bearings

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