A320 Leg Access Maintenance Platform

Easily maneuverable and adjustable

The A320 Leg Access Platform is a fixed height maintenance platform designed as an engineer’s platform for undertaking service on wheel struts and to provide wheel bay access on Airbus A320 aircraft.

The platform can be provided with either 2 x over center jacks or 2 x kick-down jacks.

The platform is easily maneuverable, whilst being fully compliant with European standards and legislation.

A320 Leg Access Maintenance Platform 2

System Benefits & Advantages

  • Modular aluminium design and construction
  • Lightweight easy to manoeuvre by one person
  • Aluminium basic sections
  • No slip tread
  • 2 man safe working load (SWL)
  • Good impact resistance, high rigidity & reduction of weight over steel by 2/3
  • High corrosion & UV resistance providing long life with high quality appearance
  • No additional finish-galvanising or painting

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