ULCR36DA constant run ECU


ULCR36DA constant run ECU

ULCR36DA constant run ECU Features:

Cooling BTU/Hr @ 80 deg F dry bulb, 67 deg F wet bulb, 95 deg F ambient: 38,000
Cooling BTU/Hr @ 80 deg F dry bulb, 67 deg F wet bulb, 120 deg F ambient: 34,900
Heating BTU/Hr: N/A
Operating Conditions (deg F): 50 to 150
Operating Conditions with Low Ambient Control ( deg F): -30 to 150
Air Flow Rates (Evaporator Supply/Condenser Exhaust) (CFM): 1200/3500
Sound Level (dBA): 57
Voltage (V): 460
Phase: 3
Frequency (Hz): 60
Maximum Nominal Current – Cooling (A): 15
Maximum Nominal Current – Heating (A): N/A
Maximum Nominal Power Consumption – Cooling (kW): 9.4
Electric Heat (kW): N/A
Breaker/Fuse Size (A): 25
Supply Power Wire Size (AWG): 12
Compressor Cycle: Constant Run
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (H x W x D) (in): 45.75 x 34 x 45.5
Weight, unit (lbs): 525
Weight, shipping (lbs): 775
Fan Type, Evaporator: Direct Drive
Fan Type, Condenser: Direct Drive
Evaporator Return Air Duct Diameter (in): 16
Evaporator Supply Air Duct Diameter (in): 16
Refrigerant Type: R-134a

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