3084RT Electric Rough Terrain Articulating Lift

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3084RT Electric Rough Terrain Articulating Lift


3084RT Electric Rough Terrain Articulating Lift Specifications:


  • Up to 36 ft. (11m) working height
  • Fast platform leveling on slopes, automatic or manual selection, with an amazing 14º side to side and 10º fore and aft oscillation
  • Up to 1,700 lbs (770 kg) platform capacity
  • Quad-Trax 4wd power package giving 45% gradeability
  • Proportional drive and lift controls
  • Non-skid metal deck construction
  • Large sheet loading entrances(fore and aft)
  • No-maintenance bearings
  • Multiple power selections(gasoline/liquid propane or diesel)
  • Incredible ground clearance
3084RT Electric Rough Terrain Articulating Lift Features:
Work Area
  •  Automatic and Manual Platform Leveling
  • Large sheet loading entrance accommodates 48€ (1.22 m) material
  • 110V Power to Platform


  • Proportional Drive and Lift Controls
  • High Torque Power Package


  • Kubota Engine (Gasoline/Liquid Propane)


  • Lubrication-Free Bearings
  • Easy maintenance access to mechanical and electrical components
  • Logically grouped components and numbered wiring for easy reference


  • Dedicated compartments protect electrical and hydraulic components
  • Non-Skid Metal Deck Construction
  • Motion Alarm
  • Drive Speed Interlock
  • Multi-Axis Tilt Sensor
  • Multiple Disc Brakes, Manual Brake Release
  • Dual Automatic Parking Brake
  • Emergency shutoff at platform and lower controls


3084RT Electric Rough Terrain Articulating  Lift Dimensions:

 Length    14 ft. 6 in. (4.4 m)  
 Height    Working: 36 ft. (11 m)
Maximum Drive: 30 ft. (9 m)
Stowed (Top Guardrail): 105 in. (2.67 m)
Stowed (Rails Folded): 70 in. (1.78 m)
Guardrail: 43.5 in. (1.1 m)
Toeboard: 6 in. (15 cm)
 Width    84 in. (2.13 m)  
 Weight    7,200 lbs. (3,265 kg)  
 Ground Clearance    10 in. (25 cm)  
 Wheelbase    100 in. (2.54 m)  
 Turning Radius    Inside: 8 ft. (2.44 m)
Outside: 16 ft. 8 in. (5.08 m)
 Engine Make    Kubota  
 Engine Model    DF752  
 Fuel Type    Dual fuel  
 Fuel Tank Capacity    15 gal. (57 l)  
 Drive System    Proportional  
 Hydraulic Tank Capacity    23 gal. (87 l)  
 Tires    26 x 12D / 380NHS  
 Travel Speed    Stowed: 4 mph (6.4 km/h)
Raised: 0.75 mph (1.2 km/h)
 Gradeability    45%  
 Capacity    Lift: 1,500 lbs. (680 kg)  
 Platform Height    30 ft. (9 m)  
 Platform Size    Length: 14 ft. (4.27 m)  
 Raise/Lower Time    24/36 sec.


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