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120 kVA Diesel Engine Driven GPU

Product Description

120 kVA Diesel Engine Driven GPU

120 kVA Diesel Engine Driven GPU  Performance Features:

  • Fully Emission Certified Engine (Tier 3)
  • Noise “Isonorized” design with noise reduction kit
  • Large corrosion free fuel tank (295 litres) and low fuel warning are standard
  • Delayed stop (for turbo protection) and emergency shutdown are standard
  • Hobart-designed and manufactured generator offers long life and reliability
  • Numbered, color-coded wiring remains traceable for the life of the unit
  • 5th wheel (turntable) steering features maintenance-free nylon bushings
  • Choice of drum type braking systems: tow bar activated or hand brake activated
  • Superior regulation via electronic controlled engine governor system
  • Lift-off doors and pop-out panels provide easy access to engine, generator and control compartments
  • Lost Neutral Detection

120 kVA Diesel Engine Driven GPU
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