Aircraft Passenger Access Solutions from Titan GSE

Portable Passenger Access Is a Needed GSE

¬†Many airports have terminals that allow passengers to load or disembark without ever hitting the tarmac. This helps to prevent passengers from reaching high security areas while maintaining a high level of safety during the loading process at the same time. When an aircraft cannot reach a terminal or there isn’t one available, then a portable passenger access system is necessary for loading and unloading.

You have two primary options available to you today when it comes to providing passenger access to aircraft today. Towable passenger stairs are an affordable solution for service teams and airports that have GSE in place that can provide transport. They are equipped with flexible aerial support equipment so that multiple aircraft can be serviced. Some are even equipped with balustrades or have covered stairs for added comfort and safety.

The second primary option is a truck-mounted aircraft passenger access system. The passenger stairs are mounted to the back of the truck and can be raised or lowered based on the aircraft needs. This system is generally best suited for airports that service aircraft that are tall enough for the cab of the truck to fit underneath.

The right passenger access system can help you improve turnaround times while providing a safe system of embarking or disembarking at the same time. When there isn’t a terminal to provide supports or there is a need for passengers to get off an aircraft at a remote location, then these access systems are a needed GSE. Find your solution today.