Ground Power Units from Titan GSE

Ground Power Units Provide Safe and Stable Power

Ground power units [GPUs] are the cornerstone of many airports and aircraft teams. Not only will they provide clean and reliable power, but they are designed to work in just about any environment. The modern GPU offers an aluminum enclosure for corrosion prevention and built-in line-drop compensation for a simplified solution for power supply needs. We can also customize your support equipment so that you have a complete solution for your team’s needs.

Finding the right GPU for your needs depends on the amount of continuous amps that is required at your job site. You’ll also need to make a determination on the type of power that you need as both AC and DC options are available. You may also benefit from taking a rectifier option that can transform your AC GPU unto a DC option for aircraft that require this type of power.

You’ll find that some modern GPUs are able to run on batteries while others require diesel fuel to work. GPU batteries don’t have a memory like other products do, such as mobile phones or laptops, so there isn’t the same need to have them fully discharged before recharging them again. Modern GPUs are also very lightweight and compact – some can even be carried, though wheeling them out on a dolly is usually the preferred transportation method.

Whether you need 3 phase power for your aircraft or you just need a basic unit that can supply you with ground power, our ground power units will make sure the job gets done. It’s time to make your aircraft and airport servicing and maintenance tasks easier to complete. Contact us to see how far a small