Baggage Cargo Carts from Titan GSE

Modern Baggage Cargo Carts Save You Time and Money

 When your team is loading an aircraft with checked luggage, there will always be passengers who will be watching the loading process. This means you need to have equipment that protects that luggage while still allowing your team to transport mail, freight, and other baggage that is being loaded onto an aircraft. Modern baggage cargo carts will help you transport containers using tow dollies, provide you with pallet applications, or give you the complete loading system that you need.

What type of baggage cargo carts would work best for your team today?

  • Closed Trailers. These carts completely enclose the baggage being transported to the aircraft for the safest possible loading experience.
  • 4 Rail Trailers. These carts provide an enclosed area for stacking, but has 360 degree access for ease of loading.
  • Pallet Dollies. These baggage cargo carts allow for side loading and large item transport options that work with or adapt to your current system of transportation.

 The goal of the modern baggage cargo cart design is to make sure your team can quickly and safely load the cart so that the luggage, mail, or freight can arrive safely. These carts require little maintenance, will help you load or unload an aircraft quickly, and help you to ease the worries of passengers who may be watching you work.

 Baggage cargo carts and trailers are highly affordable and a smart investment to make when you’re transporting materials around aircraft. Contact us today if you have excess baggage so that you have a safe and effective way to deliver it to its destination.