Aircraft Plugs from Titan GSE

Stock Up on Aircraft Plugs Today

 What is the one thing every aircraft ground crew member handles every day? Aircraft plugs are designed to be strong and durable because they must withstand a lot of regular wear and tear. Eventually even the best units give out over time, which is why it is wise to have a good stock of replacement plugs on-hand.

You’ll find the standard aircraft plugs that you need for servicing and support work are in stock right now for a surprisingly affordable price. Whether you need a 115v portable receptacles, 12v Piper type plugs and receptacles, or you have battery connectors that need to be replaced, you’re going to find the supplies you need today so that your support levels can stay consistent.

Why choose to replace your aircraft plugs? It’s a cost savings measure. Many teams replace their entire cable when the connectors wear out. By replacing the plugs instead, you can still use a cable that is in good working order. The cables can typically be soldered or crimped to your new aircraft plugs so that your team has a safe and effective tool to continue using.

If you do need to replace cables, we also have flex cables in stock so that those needs can be met as well.

Switches, plugs, and receptacles need to be replaced on a regular basis because they carry a heavy daily workload. Contact us today to see how replacing your aircraft plugs could be a smart investment into