Aircraft Air Start from Titan GSE

The Modern Benefits of Aircraft Air Start Units

 Air start units help to rotate the engine compression spools by driving compressed air directly onto the engine’s compressor blades. This mobile tool can be used to start all of the main engines of current and future aircraft, including some of the largest commercial aircraft in the world today. Providing high levels of reliability with low operating costs, these compact units can often be operated by a single person, freeing up the remainder of the ground crew team to complete other tasks.

Aircraft air start units are measured by the ppm of continuous air flow that they can provide. You’ll find a range of 150-400 ppm available today, which allows you to quickly shop for a unit that will meet your needs.

  • At 150 ppm, any standard body aircraft can have its engine starting needs met.
  • At 250 ppm, virtually any aircraft can have its engine starting needs met except for the Boeing 777 or 787 or the Airbus A380.
  • At 400 ppm, the specific demands of aircraft that are equipped with GE-90 engines can be met.


The benefit of having a modern air start unit includes an on-demand system of automatic engine control. Operators select a standard air start or an air packs mode and the control system will then adjust the settings as needed. The benefits of this design are clear: noise is controlled, maintenance costs are lower, and fuel is saved.


Today’s designs are reliable, safe, and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a tool that can provide your ground crew with an ease of service beyond compare, then contact us today about how your team