Stay Cool With Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressure Equipment

 Portable air conditioning units or cabin pressure units allow you to have the environmental controls needed to keep workers comfortable and productive. These units are often seen on tarmacs, but are also suitable for a number of industrial and mining applications as well. Many of the units you will find here can be positioned in a corner or wall-mounted to provide cool, filtered air through your existing duct system.

You will also find air conditioning and cabin pressure accessories available to work with your new equipment.

Whether you need an entire PCA tube system, hose and ducting, or a new inlet adapter, you’ll find that your new portable cooling solution is able to keep your working environment at a comfortable temperature.

Modern units are used in a variety of ways today.

  • Personnel cooling needs for hot environments or difficult ambient conditions.
  • Supplemental cooling needs for existing systems.
  • Replacement cooling needs that take over for an existing power unit, such as an aircraft APU.

Many of today’s air conditioning and cabin pressure units are designed with standard garden hose-type condenser water connectors. This allows water to be added or discharged easily with very little employee training on your new equipment.

You can stay cool with new air conditioning and cabin pressure equipment today, even if all you need is supplementary, after hour, or emergency applications. Contact us today to discuss your environmental stability needs and you will find that a custom solution can be developed for a price that is surprisingly