Titan GSE accepts the following payment types.


  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Other major credit cards issued by foreign banks
  • Wire payments
  • ACH payments
  • PayPal (if the PayPal Business MasterCard is used)
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum


The following payment options are not currently accepted by Titan GSE.


  • Direct cash payments.
  • Foreign checks or currency. Titan GSE does not accept coin or currency of any type from foreign countries unless we have an office location in that country.
  • Certificates, discounts, gift cards, or subsidized payments by third-party providers. For example: if you’ve received a subsidy from your local Chamber of Commerce, we cannot accept that subsidy as a form of payment. You must deposit the subsidy and use a form of payment we accept.
  • Money Orders. We do not accept international money orders of any type.


What If My Payment Type Has Been Declined?


We bill your preferred payment type according to our payment policies. There are times when the charge may be declined. The issuer of your credit card or bank account will not provide information to Titan GSE about why the payment was declined. You must contact your bank or lender to resolve the issue.


If your payment has been declined, you may be able to use another accepted payment method to complete your order.


What If I Have Questions About My Payment?


If you have any concerns about your payment type and whether it will be accepted, then please contact our customer care department before confirming your order.


Please note: certain accepted payments may have exchange rates that vary daily. Although the pricing for our items is consistent in US dollars, the amount you may pay in an alternative currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, may be different.