Guide to Helicopter Maintenance Platform

A helicopter maintenance platform is used to provide access to areas where maintenance work is to be carried out on helicopters. These platforms built to provide comfortable and convenient working positions for aircraft maintenance personnel. A helo maintenance platform can be built for specifically servicing a distinct helicopter model. These platforms can be built out of steel or aluminum depending on the intended use. Different helicopter platforms come with different features and designs supposed to make the work of the maintenance engineer simpler for specific helicopter models and designs. Since these platforms are elevated, they are supposed to adhere to safety standards set by OSHA and ANSI.


Relevant Helicopter Maintenance Platform Safety Standards


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) together with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) are the main regulatory bodies when it comes to helicopter maintenance platform safety standards. The main area of focus for these regulatory bodies is in minimizing falls from raised platforms while conducting maintenance work. Helicopter maintenance platforms are subjected to ANSI standard together with relevant OSHA guidelines to ensure that they promote a safe working environment for all aircraft maintenance personnel. Among the common guidelines include traction steps and guard rails fitted on the platforms.


As previously mentioned, helicopter maintenance platforms come in different designs depending on the aircraft model. Augusta Westland maintenance stands are solely built for the maintenance of Augusta Westland helicopters. These are fitted with the most appropriate and innovative features that are essential in affording the maintenance engineer due comfort while working on the helicopter. Depending on space requirements within the helicopter hanger the platforms can either be welded solid or deployable to provide easy assembly and disassembly when the maintenance work is done. The disassembled platform can be stored in a smaller space as compared to a welded helo maintenance platform.


Among the most commonly used helicopters is the Eurocopter. Eurocopter maintenance platforms are among, therefore, highly sought after. Depending on the price these platforms can either be made of aluminum or steel. Both materials are sufficiently strong and durable. The main difference here is the weight of the helo maintenance platform. Where due to one reason or the other, a lighter and thus easily movable platform is desired then aluminum, which is more expensive when compared to steel, is preferred. These platforms can be colored as required or provided with the factory finish.


Aircraft maintenance platforms such as the Boeing maintenance platform can be used on different aircraft that have similar design characteristics. These platforms have been built in compliance with OSHA and ANSI safety standards to maximize the safety of working engineers. Since aircraft maintenance platforms are more extensive due to the larger size of the aircraft affordability and quality have to be balanced for the most effective and efficient product.


A customized helicopter maintenance platform can also be built using custom measurements of the helicopter at hand; where standard platforms are do not serve the intended need. Conveniently placed tool trays are used to provide engineers with easy access to their tools.