Choosing the Best Ground Support Equipment


Every airline’s passenger experience is highly dependent upon the quality of ground support equipment, which maintains an aircraft. With each flight, over two dozen main parts of the plane needs to be checked, fixed or replenished to ensure safer batches of flights. As a purchaser, it is then your responsibility to wisely choose your ground support equipment. Here are some of the ideas you must consider:


Attendance to Trade Shows


Refresh your list of suppliers by going to exhibits and trade shows. In here, you will be given a comprehensive kit, which should include a list of the exhibit participants along with their contact numbers. You will then have the chance to interact with them as you attend some exhibit talks and demonstrations. Based on your short and long term purchasing goals, you may then set your own criteria of the qualities, which you look for in a supplier for ground support equipment.

Choosing the Best Ground Support Equipment

Established vs. New Entrants to the Industry


While established suppliers of ground support equipment can already attest to the safety and reliability of their units, there are new entrants, which are eager to serve every business’s specific needs. In considering new entrants, see whether they are headed by a veteran in the ground support equipment industry. He or she must also be hands on in answering every airline’s needs.


The Highest Levels of Safety and Track Records of Success


In choosing the best ground support equipment, safety will always be on the top of every support team’s list. Check how each potential supplier has monitored the performance of their equipment in actual operations specifically from the air craft’s arrival, up to its preparation for departure.


New equipment may have more usage advantages over used ones as they can last longer. However some barely used, but exceptionally functioning pieces can serve the team’s operational responsibilities well. Make sure to secure and finalize how safe the equipment would really be. You can also read up on the supplier’s case studies, performance reports and track records of success, to see how they can safely maintain an air craft upon arrival.


Ask for References


This tip would be advantageous if an airline company is well affiliated with a much larger corporation, which holds a number of other umbrella companies. As a purchaser for your airline company, you must also have a solid network of other purchasers where you can openly discuss about the features of various ground support maintenance.


You may also have a supplier reviewing session within your purchasing department, so you will have better chances of choosing the best ground support equipment supplier.


These tips should be helpful in wisely deciding for the best ground support equipment. Set your own detailed standards and make sure to keep them updated for the safety of your operations.