B-Series Maintenance Platforms

Our B-Series Maintenance Platforms are designed with high quality materials that will give you access to areas of maintenance of an aircraft. They are engineered to meet highest manufacturing standards. We endeavor to give you an optimal solution that satisfies your needs with our b-series maintenance platforms.

Our aircraft maintenance platforms (B-Series Maintenance Platforms) range from:

  • B1 maintenance platform
  • B2 maintenance platform
  • B4 maintenance platform
  • B5 maintenance platform
  • B7 maintenance platform

B-Series Maintenance Platforms can be used on various aircrafts with identical dimensions and characteristics.


B1 maintenance platform


This is a work access platform to the aircraft with features that make it possible to maintain an aircraft. With this platform, you can easily access overhead maintenance areas. The platform height ranges from 3’ to 12’. You can adjust it between this height ranges when using it.


Features of B1 maintenance platform are;

  • Hydraulic hand pump
  • 3’ to 12’ height range
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • Self-cleaning steps
  • Non-slippery floor
  • 16” pneumatic tires
  • Steel material used
  • Stairs, platform, and base remain parallel to any adjusted position


B2 maintenance platform


This maintenance platform allows the aircraft technicians to maintain the aircraft without constraints of height. The platform will give them an easy access and protection when maintaining the aircraft. The technicians can service any aircraft with this maintenance platform as long as the aircraft position of maintenance is within the height range of 10’ to 19’.


Features of b2 maintenance platform are;

  • Height ranges from 10’ to 19’
  • Non-slippery steel grip
  • Sliding handrails
  • Hand hydraulic pump
  • Capacity of 500 pounds
  • Adjustable screw jacks
  • Welded tubular steel


B4 maintenance platform


With this platform, the technicians can access many areas of aircraft maintenance. Its hydraulic pump makes it possible to easily adjust the height for any area required. It can be positioned with ease to access overhead maintenance areas. It makes production simple in any job.


Features of b4 maintenance platform

  • Foot actuated hydraulic pump
  • Heavy duty swivel caster
  • Platform capacity of 500 lb
  • Height range of 36’ to 86’
  • The platform is available in various models


B5 maintenance platform


Our b5 maintenance platform provides an economic and optimal solution to high maintenance areas of aircrafts. Even jobs that are positioned overhead, with this platform they can be done with ease. The aviation technicians will be able to access the high positioned maintenance areas of aircrafts as long as the height range is 88” to 135”.


The features of this maintenance platform are;

  • Manually operated hydraulic foot pump
  • Tow bar
  • 3’x7’ platform maintenance area
  • Platform capacity of 750 pounds
  • Telescoping ladder
  • Hand rails, removable
  • Locking casters
  • And many more


B7 maintenance platform


This maintenance platform offers a convenient access to overhead maintenance areas of the aircraft. It increases productivity of technicians. It has its self-contained hydraulic system that allows it to be positioned at any height within its range.


Features of b7 maintenance platform

  • Non-slippery and self-cleaning steps
  • Long lasting epoxy powder coat
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Steel material for manufacturing
  • Stairs, base, and the platform remain parallel to the adjusted position
  • Platform and stair railings can be lifted out


These are our b-series maintenance platforms that are engineered to make maintenance easy on aircrafts. They are designed with high quality materials.