Airport Ground Support Equipment: Essential For Safe, Efficient Operations


Those in the aviation industry, or at least those who have been working in airports, would most probably be aware of the fact that airline servicing and maintenance is no easy feat. More so, it is also a given that while the aircraft is on the ground, there is a need for various services that will support its operations, such as refueling and the transfer of the baggage from the plane to the carousels. This is the part where airport ground support equipment enters the picture. The latter will prove to be necessary for safe and efficient aircraft and airport operations.

Airport Ground Support Equipment: Essential For Safe, Efficient Operations

The Most Common Airport GSE

When you speak of ground support equipment, the following are some of the most popular, as well as their respective functions:

  • Dollies: This is one that you can often see in the airport. The main function is to transfer baggage from the aircraft to the terminal in a manner that is safe and fast. They have built-in wheels that will make it easy to transport cargo.
  • Chocks: They are placed in the front and back of the wheels of the plane and are commonly made from hard rubber or hard wood. The main purpose is to prevent any possible movement of the aircraft while it is parked.
  • Refuelers: This is another popular aircraft ground support equipment. As the name implies, its main function is to aid in refueling the aircraft to make it ready for its next flight.
  • Potable Water Trucks: They are basically responsible for the delivery of clean water in the aircraft. They are equipped with pumps that will help transfer water from the truck to the aircraft.
  • Lavatory Service Vehicles: These vehicles are basically concerned about emptying the lavatory once the plane is parked. Once the tank has been emptied, this ground support equipment will fill the tank with a disinfecting agent.


Buying Airport Ground Service Equipment

 For businesses looking for the best supplier of airport GSE, it is important to pay careful attention in the evaluation of the possible choices. Take note of the reputation of the company by reading reviews and asking other aircraft or airport operators about the quality of their products. See to it that they have established national and even global presence, which is tantamount into having a well-built reputation. Ask for quotes in order to have an idea on their prices and try to negotiate, if possible, to be assured of hitting your allotted budget. Ask about the warranty that they offer for their aircraft ground support equipment. Make sure as well that they have reliable customer support services to be guaranteed of being provided immediate assistance when needed.